Friday, 10 August 2012

Olympics Projection on the Houses Of Parliament, London

I am happy to announce that this project has been up and running throughout the Olympics and will still do so until its conclusion, every 15 minutes from 9.30pm on every night of the Olympics, finishing each evening as Big Ben rings in midnight.

Before I talk about the creation of it, I'll use this post to provide a brief overview for those who are interested. Fantastic photographs of the projected images of great athletes such as Usain Bolt, Jonathan Edwards and Cathy Freeman can be seen in various places on the internet right now but some people who haven't got down to the Thames Embankment yet to see it have been asking me what the bigger picture is about the show as a piece.

This projection show is actually 14 minutes long so there is a lot more to see down onsite!
To hear it you need to watch from the other side of the river, on the embankment next St Thomas' Hospital. There's not long left to see it so get there now!

The piece looks at London's history and connection with the Olympics during our previous hostings in 1908 and 1948. It moves onto some of the great Olympic moments and the athletes involved, names that are now part of Olympic history. Finally, the focus moves to Team GB, looking at and hearing some of our greatest British moments and again, so many athletes whom we have been proud of and moved to tears by.

This project is probably one of the most in depth research paths I have ever undertaken for any project. It has at its core a focus on motivation borne out of human endeavour and that is the point I wanted the sound to express, and each part expresses this in different ways.
I was brought onto the project by The Projection Studio, who were working on this through the Iconic Spectaculars program commissioned by the GLA and Mayor of London.

My next post will start to look at what is behind it all and why.