Monday, 2 July 2012

The Venetian Hotel Gets A New Look

It has been some months since I have posted.
Whilst I have been busy behind the scenes, it's not always possible to give advance warning of some public projects.

The "Light Of Venice" project at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas has been in progress for some time and as of June, it is now live, up and running so I thought I would share a little information with you about it.

As a collaborative project with the Projection Studio, I was invited to create sound pieces to accompany a series of 4D/3D projection mapped son et lumieres for the forecourt of the Venetian Hotel for a permanent installation. These pieces are free to the public and visitors to Las Vegas.

The Venetian Hotel is a very interesting design. Detailed studies have been made of numerous buildings, structures and artworks that have made Venice an historical, architectural and artistic wonder and these have been replicated in an incredible amount of careful detail at this particular resort.

The project focusses on the Torre dell'Orologio as the centrepiece. I plan to update my blog with some images to show you in due course!