Monday, 9 August 2010

Time To Catch Up

Since my last post, things have been moving at substantial speed and change. So much so, in fact, that I felt I would let everything fall into a formal structure before I began to note down what's going on!
Firstly, I had a sound installation proposal accepted for an arts festival this summer. Due to clashing commitments however, that proposal has now been temporarily shelved but remains on the cards for the near future so watch this space for that! That proposal is one I'm rather excited about so I look forward to bringing that to fruition in the future.

Last month I was in India, as programmer and advisor for a project there which is still working through the creation stage - again, more on that probably in a month or two.

Right now though, I am in bonny Scotland as the programmer and projectionist for the Edinburgh Tattoo and creating a sound piece for a son et lumiere in Wales next month. More on that later too!

My website is also well underway as well though it may well be out of date before it even goes live if the next three months have anything to do with it so keep your eye open on this space as there will be more posting before the end of the month.