Sunday, 3 October 2010

A Wet Autumn?

Things have moved on apace!

I'm in Pittsburgh, at the Pittsburgh Festival Of Lights.
There are three works here I have had involvement with, one of which, "Cascade" is an open form installation at the Heinz Hall where the side of the hall has become a waterfall (albeit a projected one) and I have created a quadrophonic soundscape based on the forest areas of America, with the sound of water tumbling down by the hall.

The piece was created in the UK collaboratively with Ross Ashton and then installed here.

Whilst standing in the space, experiencing the atmosphere two nights ago, I was approached by an avid birdwatcher, keen to know what was going on - why were the sounds of birds reverberating through downtown Pittsburgh?
My experience on "Contours" around the far distant travel achieved by certain tonal expressions of high frequencies was something I was indeed aware of and wanted to play with here as well, to draw in people and get them questioning what strange thing was happening in their urban environment!

I plan to try and upload some pictures I have gathered during my visit.

Look here for more info on the Festival Of Lights, running until October 17th.

In the meantime, expect some more info back on "Illuminata" at Caerphilly Castle, Wales, running twice nightly currently until mid-October with a surround sound work I have created to accompany it.